Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Major clearence sale for our lovely customer. Everything must go at unbelievable low price. Grab now before someone grabs them first. Priority will be given to those who can make the fastest payment. Happy Shopping loves!!!!!

Organami Dumplo
Organami Dumplo, we bring you out something different this time. An outer layer top that can suit your inner, get the gorgy look with it, style it up your way and show it up ladies, comes in 2 different colors to choose from.

RM 47 (NOW RM30)

Dark Grey-Sold-Yusz

Velvet Fringy Latino
Another fring bag but this time much more better. Made up from velvet material the fringe is still the one hot in trend nowadays. Match up with glads and leggigs and oversized shirt, you're on top baby. Very affordable for everyone!

RM 55 (NOW RM35)


Vannacut Jumper

Yeay lovely jumper is now in our boutique. We know you love it, we bring this in with very stealing price for you. Comes in 3 colors that will definately suits your size. Very stylish look when you wear it together with your studed heels.

RM44 (NOW RM25)

Free Size (best fit xs-m)

Purple Tartan

This is the hottest one! We even simply love it, the checkered heels!! Only limited pieces, purple in color. We love it, don't you? Enough with the description, just grab it for you. The picture tells you the details, buy one for you know darlings!

RM62 (NOW RM45)

36 (4)-Available

Studded Rocker Belt

Go rock and roll, this is perfect! Belt comes with gorgeous studded and buckle, the rock image is there hunny! Very reasonable price. and oh did I mention that it is adjustable? So can fit you the best. Put it on with your mini's, rocky but lovely!

RM32 (NOW RM25)

Adjustable (free size)32"
White-Sold-Yin faye

Tropical Punch
Tropical Punch dress, very sweet piece. With floral designs on it simply perfect for day out and hot sunny summer. Wear it just as it is or add mix and match with your leggings, heels (we have it) or even your biker jacket, pretty you.

RM35 (NOW RM25)

Free size (best xs-m)

Color Me Leggings

Color up your leg with our colored leggings, thick cotton material, very extraordinary color. Perfect with any funky look outfit, very pretty and stylish darlings. Grab them now lovelies!!

RM19 (NOW RM10)

Free size
Dark blue-Sold-Nadya
Dark green-Sold-Yin Faye

Color Me Ribbon

Another sweet-looking top for you. Made in with very very comfy cotton material. You're gonna love it. Mix and match with your leggings, skinnies or mini's you'll look simply gorgeous and maintain the sweet look alike! Very reasonable, no chance to spend more!

RM26 (NOW RM15)

Free Size (best fit xs-m)
Black-Sold-Loh f
Grey-Sold-Anne rahim
Pastel yellow-Available
Pastel pink-Reserved-Cella
Pink-Reserved-Zahirah z

Ranggela grip

Ranggela Grip, a tube dress perfect for outing. Lovely biggy button on the chest part. Very unique piece, not as the usual one on the blog shop. And absolutely the price is reasonable *steal*. Add on with your waisted belt, stunning you darlings! Grab now!

RM42 (NOW RM25)

Army green-Available

Oldies retro tee

Retro love season, yeay! We bring you this stretchy material T-shirt. Simple but adorable much. Match it up with mini's, skinnies, leggings or just plain seasoned jeans. Just perfect!! Don't miss this hot piece!

RM23 (NOW RM15)

Free size (best fit xs-m)


Oversized Tee, don't you love it? With faces printed on it, very stylish and it is now up in fashion line. Match it with your skinnies or hot pants and add it with big buckle belt, gorgeous you're on the track. Get one for you, affordable for everyone.

RM25 (NOW RM15)

Free Size (best fit xs-m)

Knitted Power II
The baby form of knitted power, we bring you the knitted power II. Baby light color, you're gonna look simply sweet. Look on the knitted details on the chest part, dont't you admire it much? Perfect for day or night, and very comfortable.

RM28 (NOW RM20)

Free size (best fit xs-m)

Star Montana

Shinning sparkling stars. Special item for you gorgeous girls out there. Perfect with high waisted, or wear it just it is. Put on some killing accercories, you'll surely 'blinking' yourself in the crowd. Don't you love it? get it now!!

RM29 (NOW-RM20)

Free size (best fit xs-m)