Monday, August 4, 2008

A'xteqs@jeumpa D'ramo last saturday

Thanks anyway for ur supported last saturday, we can't make it for a next day bcoz we had a lazy n tiredness mania...hehe..Hope that all of u enjoyed with all bargains from us (featuring 2xtraordinary by nenah)...hehe..hope so.....Here are some photos at our nice and hawt spot... (now, everybody has a tanned skin)

The cute n small way to our stall we are...our spot...nice r...
di atas pokok semambu...hehehe

(qila still searched for a small changed)

nenah, the buziest woman that hanging around n kacaoes other customer...hehehe
(wait for her newcoming clothing 2xtraordinary -Plus size babes) can't wait?..

jammed by don't know who...

Jeumpa yg best!

Our Spot that burned everybody like hell!

Rugi those who didn't get our bargains

Can't wait for the next Bijou , so do u..right?

A thrillion thanks to Maryam and the Bijou team that make BB become the biggest fashion scene so far laa!!

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